Some ornamental species in Rhododendron L. (Ericaceae Juss.) from Vietnam

Morphological and ecological characteristics and distribution of 19 ornamental species of Rhododendron L. among 40 species of this genus in Vietnam have been described: Rhododendron arboreum Smith; ssp. delavayi (Franch.) Chamb.; Rhododendron cavaleriei; Rhododendron crenulatum Hutch. ex Sleum.; Rhododendron emarginatum Hemsl. & Wils.; Rhododendron excellens Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson; Rhododendron fortunei; Rhododendron irroratum Fr.; ssp. kontumense (Sleum.) Chamb.; Rhododendron lyi Lévl.; Rhododendron maddenii Hook.f.; ssp. crassum (Franch.) Cullen; Rhododendron moulmainense Hook.; Rhododendron mucronatum (Blume) G. Don; Rhododendron nuttalii Booth. ex Nutt.; Rhododendron simsii Planch.; Rhododendron sino-falconeri Balf. f.; Rhododendron tanastylum Balf. f. Ward.; Rhododendron triumphans Yersin in A. Chev.; Rhododendron veitchianum Hook. f.; Rhododendron vialii Delav. & Franch.; Rhododendron yunanense Franch. These species have the potential for cultivation and for obtaining great economic value.

Rhododendron arboreum                 Rh. cavaleriei

Rh. crenulatum                                 Rh. ermarginatum

Rh. exellens                                    Rh. fortunei

Rh. irrolatum                                 Rh. maddenii

Rh. moulmainense                      Rh. mucronatum    

Rh. nuttallii                                   Rh. sino-falconeri 

Rh. simsonii trồng                          Rh. simsonii tự nhiên

Rh. tanastylum                                Rh. veitchianum

Rh. vialii                                        
Rh. yunnanese

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Tran Minh Hoi, Nguyen Tien Hiep

(Proceedings of 3rd National Scientific Conference on Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi 22th October 2009 - IEBR)



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