Elaeagnus elongatus Tagane & V.S.Dang (Elaeagnaceae), a new species from Cambodia and Thailand

A new species, Elaeagnus elongatus Tagane &V.S.Dang is described and illustrated based on materials from Cambodia and Thailand. The new species is similar to E. gaudichaudiana Schltdl. in the size and venation of lamina, the 1(–3) fl ower(s) in axils of new shoots and the 4-angular calyx tube, but is distinct by its larger fl owers, shorter filaments, and much longer pedicels when fruiting.

This article was published on THAI FOR. BULL. (BOT.) 43: 30–35. 2015.

Beside that, information from authors, this species was found in Vietnam (Lam Dong province, Bidoup Nui Ba National Park).


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