Phylogeny of Conifer sepciesin Vietnam based on RBCL sequence analyses

We investigated the systematic position of 18 conifer species (Coniferales) in Vietnam using the rbcL region.  Total DNA was extracted from tissue of leaves or inner barks. The nucleotide sequence of rbcL was determined to be about 861 bp and used for analysis of phylogeny of conifers using neighbor joining method. The analysis indicated that three clades were distinctly separated. One group included all Pinaceae species, the second group also included all Podocarpaceae species and the third included all species from 3 families Taxaceae, Cupressaceae and Taxodiaceae. The species group Taxus chinensis and T. wallichiana, Calocedrus macrolepis and Ca. rupestris have closely relationships with each other with bootraps of higher than 99%.

Vu Duc Duy, Nguyen Minh Tam
Nature Museum, VAST
Bui Thi Tuyet Xuan, Do Huu Thu
Nguyen Minh Duc
Orientales University

(Proceedings of 4th Scientific National Conferences on Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi 2011)


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