Các nhà khoa học Úc đã thay đổi thế giới cốc-tai bằng phát minh ra loại dứa có mùi dừa

Người hâm mộ Cốc-tai đang hoan hỉ. Các nhà khoa học Úc đã có một phát minh có thể là tân tiến nhất cho loại cốc-tai colada cho tương lai

Đây là phát minh đầu tiên khi họ tạo ra một loài dứa không chỉ ngọt, mọng mà còn bổ sung một hương vị nhiệt đới là mùi dừa.

Bộ Nông nghiệp Úc vừa công bố họ đang trong giai đoạn cuối cùng trong việc tạo ra giống mới này.

The pina colada pineapple: Researchers with the Australian Department of Agriculture believe they are the first in the world to develop a coconut-flavoured pineapple - which could revolutionise cocktail making

Sở Nông nghiệp bang Queensland xác nhận, các nhà khoa học đang đi vào giai đoạn hoàn thiện giống dứa mới này, vốn được đặt tên là dứa AusFestival., trong khoảng hơn một thập kỷ.

'Taste tests tell us that AusFestival is a winner - it has this lovely coconut flavour, which you won't find in any other pineapple in Australia,' horticulturalist Garth Senewski told the Australian Broadcast Corporation.

'It's sweet, low acid, very juicy,' he said, adding that its unique taste should prove popular with customers.

The new breed of pineapple has the potential to revolutionise cocktail mixology.

Currently piña colada cocktails are made by shaking rum, cream of coconut and pineapple juice together with ice, before straining the resulting mixture into a goblet-type glass.

The AusFestival would do away with any need for coconut at all.

Mr Senewski said the researchers did not initially intend to create a pineapple that tasted like coconut.

'When we're doing the breeding, we're not actually looking for a coconut-flavoured pineapple or any other particular flavour,' he told ABC.

'We're looking for a nice flavoured pineapple. We're looking for a variety that is sweet, low acid and aromatic.'

The Department of Agriculture confirmed the development but said anyone hoping for a 'pina colada' pineapple will have to wait.

It will be two years before the first are planted commercially.


The piña colada was first served on August 15, 1954, at the Caribe Hilton’s Beachcomber Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico by head barman Ramón 'Monchito' Marrero.

According to legend, Monchito's managers had asked him to mix a new signature drink for the bar that would delight the demanding palates of its star-studded clientele.

Monchito accepted the challenge, and after three intense months of blending, shaking and experimenting, the first piña colada was born.

He made the drink using local Don Q rum mixed with Coco López coconut cream, which was invented the same year at the University of Puerto Rico.

These days the International Bartenders Association defines the piña colada as a Collins-Type Long Drink and stipulates that it must contain one part white rum, one part cream of coconut, and three parts pineapple juice.

Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice until smooth, then pour through a strainer into a chilled glass, garnish with a pineapple wedge and enjoy.

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