The genus Uncaria Schreb (Rubiaceae Juss.) in Vietnam

By the previous author, Pitard (1922) recorded 7 species, Ho (2000) also recorded 10 species and one forma, Ninh (2005) recorded 12 species and one forma of the genus Uncaria Schreb. (Rubiaceae) in Vietnam. By this study, base on the analysis of the Uncaria collection from hebaria in Vietnam and compare them with type specimens from Singapore Botanic Garden and other hebaria on the world, we affirm that there are 11 species (U. sessilifructus Roxb., U. lancifolia Hutch., U. rhynchophylla (Miq.) Miq. ex Hav., U. scandens (Smith) Hutch., U. homomalla Miq., U. laevigata Wall., U. macrophylla Wall., U. hirsuta Hav., U. acida (Hunt.) Roxb., U. cordata (Lour.) Merr., U. sinensis (Oliv.) Hav ) in the genus Uncaria (Rubiaceae) were found in Vietnam. Two species U. sinensis (Oliv.) Hav.  and U. lanosa f. ferrea (Blume) Ridsd were recorded by Ho (2000) and Ninh (2005) but not mentioned the studied specimens, up to now we  have not seen them in herbaria and nature in Vietnam, need to study so far.

Do Van Truong
Vietnam National Natural Museum
(Proceedings of the 4th National Scientific conference on Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi 21st October 2011)



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