A taxnomic revision of Mallotus Lour. section Mallotus (Muell. Arg.) Thin (Euphorbiaceae) in Vietnam

Mallotus Lour. is a genus of shrubs, trees and climbers, with c. 150 species. The genus occurs mainly in (sub) tropical Asia, Australia and the Pacific, with only a few species in tropical Africa and Madagascar. Section Mallotus is one of six sections of genus Mallotus in Vietnam. A revision of Mallotus section Mallotus in Vietnam is given. There are seven species of this section occur in Vietnam: M. paniculatus, M. japonicus, M. apelta, M. metcalfianus, M. mollissimus, M. barbatus, M. macrostachyus. A new identification key to the species is provied. In this paper, 2 new varieties of M. paniculatus: Mallotus paniculatus var. paniculatus, Mallotus paniculatus var. formosamus, 3 new varieties of M. barbatus: Mallotus barbatus var. barbatus, Mallotus barbatus var. croizatianus, Mallotus barbatus var. pedicellaris and 2 new varieties of M. apelta: Mallotus apelta var. apelta, Mallotus apelta var. kwangsiensis are all described with the distribution and key to identify the varieties.

Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, Dinh Thi Luu
College of Science, Ha Noi National Univeristy
La Dinh Moi
Bio. Jour. 3/2010: 32(1): 36-40



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