Chinese scientists in Shenzhen, announced the completion of "Orchid genome map"

November 15 (Xinhua Peng Yong) on the 15th in Shenzhen, Chinese scientists announced the completion of "Orchid genome map," This move will be known as "panda plant kingdom," the study and protection of orchids to open up new avenues

The study results, by the Shenzhen Municipal Orchid Plant Protection Research Center (National Orchid Plant Germplasm Conservation Center), Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen, China Genomics Institute sponsored Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University, etc. units to participate in the completion.

Since July 20 to start the project, orchid genome project, a joint research collaboration with groups of small Phalaenopsis Orchid Island to conduct whole-genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis; the same time, Paphiopedilum armeniacum, large tongue and groove root orchids, bee orchids, eyebrow 11 species of orchid plants representative of gene expression transcriptome sequencing and analysis. Orchid genome project coordination team, said the framework of orchid genome map is complete, will further draw the butterfly due to group A detailed map of Frankie; 11 kinds of orchids through a comparative analysis of the genetic evolution of systems built orchids. Orchid genome project carried out will not only reveal the evolutionary history and mystery of orchids, orchids for follow-up functional and evolutionary genomics research to lay a solid foundation; but also how to protect China's precious orchid germplasm resources to provide the scientific basis for the policy for the next further development and use of plant genetic resources Orchidaceae treasury platform to provide an important resource.

Orchidaceae (Orchid) is the plant kingdom's largest and highest degree of evolution of the family is one of biological diversity and evolutionary studies and conservation of the flagship and an ideal model taxon, has a very high scientific, ecological, ornamental, cultural and medicinal value; orchids has also been a focus of attention of the scientific community is still at the study of the ideal model of life and evolution of plants; orchids is a worldwide endangered species, is also the Convention on International Trade in protected species of top priority, China Blanco a number of rare plants and endangered species has fallen into extreme position, its resources are so valuable has been called "the vegetable kingdom panda." The study of orchids is undoubtedly a very important scientific and industrial significance, however, a lack of understanding of the orchid genome has become the orchid research and protection and utilization of the bottleneck.




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