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BotanyVN Introduction

Since primitive age, human had based on the nature to live, in that historical evolution, the plant have been playing top-notch essential  role that support for our life such as foods, clothes, cottages and even palaces is superbly magnificently wooden. Today, human is finding out the pharmacy from the herbs that support for their health and over lasting for their life or make up themselves and or even the popular implements in each house, school and office had been used the handicraft that were made from plant resources. And in addition, the plants are playing extremely importance role in the existing and perishing of the earth.

Where is oxygen from? Where is energy to maintain the life cycle on the earth from? The answer for all is plants. In fact, the plant has special function that no other organism on the earth has, that is generating the oxygen from the organics synthesis with the gathered energy from the sunshine, so plant is playing as motive force for all chains such as all organisms and living activities on the earth.  And in addition, with the diversity in all aspects, the plant world has been supporting many benefits for particular human life and all organisms on the earth in general.

However, beside the natural benefits, human are facing with the globe damaging risk Because of bad effects from the industrializations, urbanizations, wars and natural calamities… our natural resources are more and more run out.

In that background, many climate changing and green house effect made the many forests became wildernesses or grass fields and many beauty villages and green fields became died and deserted regions. The natural calamities annual damages millions of deaths and the nation budget has undergone billions USD loss, waste money and time of the United Nations and International Federation of the Red Cross.

With the responding from many nations, regions on the world, the series of actions plans and programs have been deploying, among them, the agricultural issues and food security were firstly subjects both in international or national workshops, conferences and meetings. The forest conservation and sustainable development have been discussed in the programs of the deliberating in most nations in the world.

In the case of developing country as Vietnam, these problems are caring by our Society Party and Government. The many of the action programs have been planning and deploying that care about the study and application the natural resources with the focus of plants species. However, it has been not any wide and depth program or project of the specific application of Vietnam’s total resources for the life. Special in the background of global integrating and modern informatics technology, it is more and more insufficiently caring of our plant resources by the modern people.

Botany Vietnam Group (BVN Group) has been established with the functions of studying and popularizing the specific application of the plant resources of Vietnam for the life. The firstly website of group located address http://www.botanyvn.com with the function of supporting and popularizing the botanical achievements and the scientific and industrial applications that support for the productive and living of personal Vietnamese population and human in general.

Accessing with BotanyVN website, all the required information of scientific and application studies of Vietnam’s plant resources is support and it also supports the most importance and update scientific information of the application in reality development and exploitation on agriculture and industry fields such as the questions of species and variety choosing that suitable with the local conditions. The website also supports the most basic knowledge that easy to apply in the real such as choosing of fresh vegetable resource, type of vegetable /fruits that best support for the health, the methods to grow the ornamental species or the study of the medicine herbs…

The supporting of basic knowledge of botany for students and pupils, the good ruses of experiences in ornamental growing for the elders, helping the house keeper to prepare the meals that best for the health with the types of vegetables, fruits, roots… are major functions of BotanyVN website.

Beside that, BotanyVN also supports the ways and ideas that help visitors find out the natural beauty and particularly interesting from the ecotourism at the natural/ resort / protected areas or national parks, special supporting includes knowledge that help tourists fall in line with the nature and have basic to safety in adventure tourism.

Nowadays, young man have a lit of knowledge to be fall in line with the nature, special with pupil. The is a part of website that personal support for kid that help our offspring to approach lively with the nature and the world of plants in many interesting way such as pictures, videos or the test.

And in addition, BotanyVN has function popularize the local and traditional knowledge about plant using, special in application of herbs medicine that improve the health or maybe show the way to treat some cancers or other serious disease or finding out the new medicine resources to reduce the pharmacy’s cost price that manufactures in Vietnam are importing it with high cost.

With that prospect, we hope received the caring and cooperation from scientific specialists, the reader and the colleagues.

Thanks for your contacting.

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About the copyright and other members

Currently, The BVN has been supported by a lot of member who have considerable contribute to article, photos and other data for the website, including:

Prof. Sci.Dr. Leonid Averyanov, Komarov Botanical Institute, Russia

Pof.Dr. Phan Ke Loc, Hanoi National University of Science (photo copyright as PKLOC)

Dr. Luu Hong Truong, Southern Ecology Institute (photo copyright as LHTRUONG)

MSc. Pham Van The, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (article author as The.bvn, photo copyright as PVTHE)

MSc. Nguyen Sinh Khang, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (article author as Khang.bvn, photo copyright as NSKHANG)

Dr. Nguyen The Cuong, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (photo copyright as NTCUONG)

MSc. Do Van Hai, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (photo copyright as DVHAI)

Dr. Do Thi Xuyen, Department of Botany, faculty of Biology, Hanoi National University of Science (photo copyright as DTXUYEN)

MSc. Nguyen Kim Thanh, Department of Botany, faculty of Biology, Hanoi National University of Science (photo copyright as NKTHANH)

Chu Xuân Canh, Care (photo copyright as CXCANH)

TS. Nguyễn Tuấn, Hanoi Pharmaceutical University (photo copyright as TuanNguyen)

TS. Hoàng Thanh Sơn, Institute of Sylvicutre (photo copyright as SHOANG)

Nguyễn Lương Xuân Bách (photo copyright as NLXBACH)

Ths. Nguyễn Hoàng Hào, Forestry Institute for Planning and Investigation (photo copyright as  Haofipi)

Nguyễn Việt Hùng - Vu Quang National Park (photo copyright as NVHUNG)

Nghiêm Đức Trọng - Hanoi Pharmaceutical University (photo copyright as , NDTRONG)

Đỗ Văn Trường, Vietnam National Museum of Nature (photo copyright as DVTRUONG)

Botany Taoxonomy VN, (photo copyright as BTVN)

Trịnh Ngọc Bon, Vietnam Academy of Forestry Science (photo copyright as TNBON)

Phùng Mỹ Trung, Vncreatures (photo copyright as PMTRUNG)


Besides that, The BVN has been supported by other botanical articles/photo/data authors, we have to show the particularly sources, in that, the copyright of them was show as in a name of photo / articles.

with any trouble / claim on copyright of photo / article response from the author(s), reader(s), we - BVN committee that correct it base on the comment even remove it on our web.

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