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Scientific name: Rungia daklakensis D.V. Hai, Y.F. Deng & Joongku Lee
English name:
Vietnamese name: Nổ đăk lăk
Other name:


Herbs to 20 cm tall. Stems subterete, bifariously pubescent. Petiole 1-3 cm, pubescent; leaf blades ovate or broadly ovate, 3-7 x 2-4 cm, thinly papery to papery, base round and slightly oblique, margin entire or slightly sinuate, apex acute, abaxially pubescent along veins and covered with cystoliths, adaxially pubescent throughout, secondary veins 7-9 011 each side of mid-vein. Spikes terminal, 5-6 cm, 1-sided. Bracts 4-ranked, heteromorphic; sterile bracts oblong to obovate-elliptic, 13-15 x 4-5 mm, abaxially pubescent, hyaline margin 0.2-0.4 mm wide, apex acute; fertile bracts oblanceolate, 10-12 x 5 mm, abaxially puberulent, hyaline margin 0.2-0.4 mm wide, apex retuse; bracteoles oblong, 10 x 3 mm, apex acute, hyaline margin 0.2-0.4 mm wide. Calyx 9-10 mm, glabrous, 5-lobed to the base, lobes linear, margin entire. Corolla white with purple dotted stripe on throat, 1.8-2 cm; tube 8-10 x 2-3 nun; lower lip 7-8 x 8-10 mm, 3-lobed, middle lobe 6x6 mm, lateral lobes 6x3 mm; upper lip triangular, 5x6 111111, apex acute. Stamens 2, inserted at base of throat; filaments 5 111111, glabrous; anther bithecous, thecae ovoid, superposed, upper one muticous at base, lower one spurred at base. Ovary 2x1 111111, glabrous; style 1.5-1.6 cm, glabrous. Capsule obovoid-ellipsoid, 8-10 x 3 mm, glabrous, 4-seeded. Seeds orbicular in outline, 2-2.5 mm in diameter, glabrous, vemicose. Flowering in December-January, fruiting 111 January-February.

Habitat: Rungia daklakensis grows 111 shady places 111 secondary forest 111 association with Clinacanthus nutans, GlocJiidion sphaerogynwn, Itea ripario, Mela stoma septemnervium, Pteris cadieri and Lithocarpus sp. at 850-950 m a.s.l. During our investigation, we found only few scattered populations. 


Rungia daklakensis D.V. Hai, Y.F. Deng & Joongku Lee 1.jpg at www.BotanyVN.com

Photo 1. Rungia daklakensis D.V. Hai, Y.F. Deng & Joongku Lee 1.jpg


Rungia daklakensis D.V. Hai, Y.F. Deng & Joongku Lee 2.jpg at www.BotanyVN.com

Photo 2. Rungia daklakensis D.V. Hai, Y.F. Deng & Joongku Lee 2.jpg


Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Lamiales
Familia: Acanthaceae
Genus: Rungia


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