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Scientific name: Magnoliopsida
English name: Dicots
Vietnamese name: Hai lá mầm
Other name: Dicotyledoneae


Magnoliopsida is the botanical name for a class of flowering plants. By definition the class will include the family Magnoliaceae, but its circumscription can otherwise vary, being more inclusive or less inclusive depending upon the classification system being discussed. In the Takhtajan system and the Cronquist system the name is used for the group known as dicotyledons. Magnoliopsida in the Takhtajan system: The Takhtajan system used this internal taxonomy: class Magnoliopsida [= dicotyledons] subclass Magnoliidae subclass Nymphaeidae subclass Nelumbonidae subclass Ranunculidae subclass Caryophyllidae Sweet William Dwarf from the order Caryophyllidae and family Caryophyllaceae subclass Hamamelididae subclass Dilleniidae subclass Rosidae subclass Cornidae subclass Asteridae subclass Lamiidae Magnoliopsida in the Cronquist system The Cronquist system used this internal taxonomy (in the 1981 version): class Magnoliopsida [= dicotyledons] subclass Magnoliidae subclass Hamamelidae subclass Caryophyllidae subclass Dilleniidae subclass Rosidae subclass Asteridae The Dahlgren system and the Thorne system (1992) use the name Magnoliopsida for the flowering plants (angiosperms). However, the Cronquist system has been very popular and there have been many versions of the system published. In some of these Cronquist-based systems the name Magnoliopsida (at the rank of class) refers to the flowering plants (the angiosperms). class Magnoliopsida [= angiosperms] subclass Magnoliidae [= dicotyledons] subclass Liliidae [= monocotyledons]

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta


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