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Scientific name: Davalliaceae
English name:
Vietnamese name: Ráng đà hoa
Other name:


Davalliaceae is a family of polypod ferns, which includes seven genera, the species of which grow mostly in the old world tropics or subtropics. In some treatments the genera of the family Olandraceae are included in this family. They are small to moderate-sized epiphytes or are otherwise casually terrestrial and sometimes grow on rocks.

Small to moderate-sized epiphytes or casually terrestrial, sometimes rupestral, rhizome long-creeping bearing roots on short lateral branches at the base of the fronds, or at intervals or more generally, densely covered with non-clathrate, peltate- or non-peltate-based scales, +/- fleshy, dictyostelic, or solenostelic with long leaf gaps, strongly to moderately dorsiventral, the fronds usually borne in two rows. Fronds short- to long-stipitate, the stipes articulate to short or long phyllopodia or not, fibrovascular bundles several to numerous in a V-shape, the lamina simple to pinnatifid to 4-pinnate pinnatifid, firmly herbaceous to coriaceous, veins free, usually forked, terminating in the +/- cartilaginous margin or in submarginal hydathodes, false veins sometimes recurrent from the sinuses; fertile fronds often more contracted than the sterile, sometimes more dissected. Sporangia borne in a small discrete sori terminal on the veins, on very short side veins or dorsal on the veins, submarginal or sometimes medial, indusiate with the indusium opening towards the margin, attached at base and sometimes at the sides, round, reniform or elongate towards the margin, or sometimes peltate (Rumohra), less often exindusiate, paraphyses absent, pedicel long, 3-seriate, annulus longitudinal, interrupted; spores monolete, smooth to densely tuberculate, translucent, sometimes with a winged or wrinkled perispore (Rumohra).

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Polypodiopsida
Order: Polypodiales


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