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Scientific name: Cypripedium
English name:
Vietnamese name:
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The genus  Cypripedium  L.  includes  40–45  species distributed mainly in areas of Holarctic  region with temperate climate. Its highest species  diversity is observed in the eastern part of mainland  Asia and in Northern America. In their intact habitats,  some species of the genus are quite common playing  significant  role  in  plant  communities  forming  picturesque  landscape  aspects  during  anthesis  (Averyanov,  1999,  2000).  Some  Cypripedium  species are not uncommon in uplands and mountains  of subtropical countries, but few of them reach  tropical zone. In Central America these species are  Cypripedium irapeanum La Llave et Lex., C. molle  Lindl. and  C. dickinsonianum Hagsater distributed  from Mexico to Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras  (Cribb, 1997; Eccarius, 2009). In Asia only two  species –  Cypripedium lentiginosum P. J. Cribb et  S. C. Chen and  C. subtropicum S. C. Chen et K.  Y. Lang, reported in this paper, reach truly tropical  zone. Localities of these species recently discovered  in northern Vietnam represent southernmost  locations of the genus area in the Old World. A brief taxonomical review of two discovered  species in the flora of Vietnam is presented below.  This treatment includes key for species identification;  standard taxonomic citations for the genus, sections,  species and synonyms; data on types; available  information on ecology, phenology and distribution,  expected IUCN Red List status; notes on phylogeny,  taxonomy,  geography  and  possible  conservation  actions, as well as list of studied specimens and  relevant materials.

The genus Cypripedium in the flora of Vietnam

Cypripedium  L.,  1753,  Sp.  Pl.:  951;  Cribb,  1997, Gen. Cypripedium: 1–301; Eccarius, 2009,  Orchideengattung Cypripedium: 1–384.

Type: C. calceolus L.

40–45 species. Europe, temperate and subtropical  Asia (except arid areas), Himalayas, China, northern  Indochina, North and Central America (south to  Honduras and Guatemala).

In Vietnam: two species

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Orchidales
Familia: Orchidaceae

Cypripedium lentiginosum
Cypripedium subtropicum

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