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Vietnam is located within the tropical zone, have many good conditions for creature's growth and created variety of animals, plants and other eco-live systems. According to the statistics from "Approaching gene resources and their benefits" (by the International Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCN), there are currently near 12,000 vascular species belongs to more than 2,256 generas, 305 families (occupies 4% on total species, 15% on total generas, 47% on total families of the world's counts); 69 species of gynosperm; 12,000 species of flowering plants; 2,200 species of fungus; 2,176 species of algae; 481 species of bryophytes; 368 species of cyanobacteria; 691 species of ferns and other 100 different species. Among them, 50% of the vascular species are localized (endemic), the migrated species originated from Hymalaya - Yunnan - Qi Chou (China) occupies 10%, the ones migrated from India - Myanma occupies 14%, species emigrated from Indonesia - Malaysia occupies 15%, the remains originated from Temperate Zone and tropical regions.

BVNGroup are engaging in continuously updating the full information of the Vietnam plants and introduce the Electronic Dictionary (or a so-called electronic Directory) of that aspect.

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Plantea (Plant kingdom)
Marchantiophyta ()
Charophyta ()
Chlorophyta (Green alga)
Chrysophyta (Very yellow alga)
Anthocerotophyta (Hornwort)
Bryophyta (Non-vascular plants; Bryophyte)
Lycopodiophyta (Clubmosses; Spike Mosses; Quillworts)
Pteridophyta (Ferns)
Cycadophyta (Cycas)
Pinophyta ()
Ginkgophyta (Ginkgo)
Gnetophyta (Gnetum)
Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants; Monocots; Dicots)


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