Loài mới Callicarpa bachmaensis Soejima & Tagane (họ Hoa môi - Lamiaceae) phát hiện ở Vườn Quốc gia Bạch Mã, Thừa Thiên Huế, Việt Nam

A new species, Callicarpa bachmaensis Soejima & Tagane, sp. nov., is described and illustrated from Bach Ma National Park in Thua Thien Hue Province, Central Vietnam. This species has a characteristic liana habit, white corolla, and narrowly elliptic to narrowly lanceolate, entire, occasionally subequal leaves, by which it is clearly distinguished from the other previously known species of this genus.

Keywords: Bach Ma National Park, Callicarpa, Lamiaceae, new species, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam


The genus Callicarpa L. (Lamiaceae) comprises 154 species and 12 varieties (The Plant List 2013) of shrubs or small trees, rarely woody climbers, distributed in temperate and tropical regions. The center of species diversity of this genus is in the Old World, especially in Malesia where about 50 species occur (Bramley 2013). Common and well-known species are found widely in secondary forests or in disturbed areas, but many species are restricted to small areas in primary forest (Bramley 2009, 2013). The genus is characterized by simple, opposite leaves, small white to pink or violet flowers in cymose or thyrsoid infloresences, small globose drupes, and often stellate, plumose, or dendroid hairs on stems, leaves, calyces, and fruits (Chen and Gilbert 1994, Bramley 2009, 2013, Leeratiwong et al. 2009).

The species of Vietnam have been studied by de Loureiro (1790), Dop (1935), Ho (2003), and most recently by Phuong (2007) who enumerated 20 species. During a botanical survey of Bach Ma National Park in Thua Thien Hue Province, Central Vietnam in 2015, we found a species that was different from all the other known species of Callicarpa. This plant is described and illustrated as a new species, Callicarpa bachmaensis Soejima & Tagane.

Callicarpa bachmaensis Soejima & Tagane, sp. nov.


VIETNAM. Thua Thien Hue Province, Bach Ma National Park, edge of evergreen forest along stream, 16°13'36.70"N, 107°51'07.22"E, alt. 414 m, 24 May 2015, with flowers, Tagane S., Toyama H., Yahara T., Ngoc Nguyen, Chinh Nguyen, Okabe N. V2677 (holotype KYO!, isotypes BKF!, DLU!, FU!, P!, VNM!, the herbarium of Bach Ma National Park!).

Specimen examined

Vietnam. 20 June 1976, with fruits, Ly Quoc Anh 106 (HN!); Lao Cai Province: Liem Phu, Van Ban, 10 June 2008, with flowers, Binh N.Q. & Cuong D.D. VN1985 (HN!); Quang Nam-Da Nang Province: Hà ra, Giăng village, 13 July 1986, with fruits, LX-VN 2958 (HN!); Vinh Phuc Province: Me Linh Biodiversity Station, Ngoc Thanh Commune, 24 Oct. 2001, with fruits, Phuong et al. 4611 (HN!).


Figure 1. Callicarpa bachmaensis Soejima & Tagane, sp. nov.
A Branch apex B Flowering branch C Abaxial surface of lamina D Inflorescences E Twigs and base of petiole, F Infructescence [Binh & Cuong VN1985 (HN). Scale bar E = 5 mm].


Figure 2. Callicarpa bachmaensis Soejima & Tagane, sp. nov.
A Flowering branch B Stellate and dendroid hairs on calyx (left three) and lower surface of leaves (right) C Abaxial surface of lamina D Flower with the corolla dissected to show filaments and style E Fruit. Materials: Tagane et al. V2677.

The specific epithet bachmaensis reflects the name of the locality where the type specimen was collected.


(theo PhytoKeys 62: 33-39 (25 Mar 2016))


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