The status of medicinal plant resources and the results of conservation in Tam Dao National Park

Tam Dao National Park located in the Northeast of Vietnam; Tam Dao is one of 9 regions of chorology that have a high biodiversity in terms of flora. This area is alsoa adjacent to other chorlology such as the Hoang Lien Son, North Midlands. This contributes to the diversity of Tam Dao flora. The medicinal plant resources in Tam Dao National Park consist of 896 species, 586 genera, 177 families in 5 divisions (Lycopodiophyta, Equisetophyta, Polypodiophyta, Magnoliophyta). Ten families with numerious species represent 36.95%. There were 32 species listed in Red Data Book of Vietnam (2007). These species are high conservation and scienfitic value that need to be conserved.

Results of the survey on the use and the trade of medicinal plants by the communities in that beffer zone of Tam Dao National Park showed that the quantity of medicinal plants collected from the natural forest of Tam Dao is large (about 224 species). Twenty species are located in great quantities by the local people; the annual production is about 300 tons. The high volume of collection of medicinal plants has seriously decresed the population of medicinal plants in this area. The local people are interested in cultivation of some precious and rere plants for conservatio and other potential ones for daily use demands. It is important to support the management and protection of medicinal plants on the order to conserve the genes of medicinal plants and at the same to raise the living standards of local peoples in the buffer zones.

Do Van Tuan, Do Dinh Tien, Dang Van Thach, Hoang Thi Phuong Thao, Vu Ngoc Hien
Tam Dao National Park
Luu Dam Cu
Vietnam Natural Museum

(Proceedings of the 1st National scientific conference of Vietnam natural museum system, 2011)


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